Below is a collection of some of my previous work



Product & Strategy Consultant

Moburst is a mobile success company that helps startups, brands and everything in between grow and succeed on mobile. Moburst offers both growth and consulting services, and I head up the consulting arm in North America. You can read more about Moburst here.

I was the third hire at Moburst in the US, and helped the company establish a foothold in the US market by working on internal projects and supporting our sales efforts. I then was able to focus on being the first 'delivery' person in the US, focussing on mobile projects designed to optimize a client's product, individual KPIs, or even entire business.


  • Help Moburst grow its pipeline and business. Implemented tools and technology to manage sales pipeline globally. Prospected and sold technology and service to companies and brands small and large.
  • Consult on all aspects of the business, from finance to product— with a strong focus on mobile product and strategy. Helped with financials, fundraising, fiscal presentation, app user-flow, optimization, UX/UI refinement, media buying recommendations and more.
  • Leverage big data and analytics to drive consulting decisions/recommendations.


Cofounder & CEO

Exceleratr was an online platform designed to bridge the gap between motivated high school students and everything extracurricular-- whether it was an internship, academic, or non-academic program, Exceleratr was there to help. You can read more about Exceleratr here.

Along with my cofounder and COO, I hired a CTO, and brought on a team of developers, and one 'content curator'. My cofounder and I managed our team which built out an entirely custom web platform from scratch. I self-aggregated opportunities in the beginning, to support the future growth of a 100% user-generated content website.


  • Built a database with 1,000s of listings.
  • Designed and wireframed the entire webiste layout, UI&UX- including each individual element.
  • Managed a team of developers to build out functional versions of creative copies.
  • Onboarded into local high schools.
  • Won business/business plan competitions.

Rita Hazan Salon

Freelance IT Director/PM

I was brought in to salon in order launch a digital system for client information. I created a plan of action, implemented an existing/easy to use software, and digitized data. I then built my own database and 'consumer' facing application for the colorists and assistants in the salon. Client information is now easily callable on a digital medium, and can just as easily be appended/updated, as well as shared over several devices


  • Recruited a team to digitize card data.
  • Created a simple Vcard (.vcf) database to easily and actively manage newly digitized data.
  • Built out custom database on a local server.
  • Imported all .vcf data with SQL autopopulation query.
  • Wireframed UI/UX for user-facing platform.
  • Magaged team to develop user-facing front end.
  • Scaled to multiple mobile devices.

HomeGoods Plus

IT & Ecommerce Director/PM

HomeGoods Plus had been operating very successfully at retail on 3rd party e-commerce site such as Amazon, Ebay, etc. After years of online sales through third parties, HG+ was looking for a storefront of their own to send their customers back to. I was brought in to help them develop their own online store front. I leveraged an established e-commerce platform to start, and used my technical knowledge in HTML, CSS, mySQL, and js to add design and functionality cusomizations.[Also: set up custom cart- PayPal API implementations, Custom item database, Bulk Upload .csv functionality, serverside forwarding, optimized web extensions, optimized listing pages and more.]


  • Set up custom cart- PayPal API implementations.
  • Custom item database.
  • Bulk Upload .csv functionality.
  • Serverside domain forwarding.
  • Optimized web extensions and product listings.
  • Established payment gateways and cart parameters with tax and shipping considerations.

Project: E-ceipt

Project Manager

E-ceipt was a project designed to act as a standard protocol for the creation, compilation, tranmission, storage, and presentation of a digital retail receipt. Similar to calendar invites in .ics, E-ceipt would serve as a foundation for allowing digital copies of receipts to exist in and on all of our devices (cross-client, cross-device, cross-platform -- all around the world.